About me

My name is Lyudmyla (Lyuda) Morhun

I'm an artist, mother, wife and substitute teacher living in New Jersey, US

Instagram - @lyudamorhun

I was born and grew up in Ukraine. My whole life there, I was surrounded by very crafty, artistic people. Ukrainian cross stitched shirts and painted eggs are well known in the world. My life as an artist began in 4th grade when I was chosen to represent my school at the regional student's fashion design competition. The victory at this event decided my future. I knew I wanted to be a designer. Growing up in the Soviet Union where people couldn't buy nice clothes inspired me to create clothes myself. I spent the first 7 years of my life in the village surrounded by beautiful landscapes that inspired me to draw.

During my high school years, my love of art developed into a lifelong obsession. I attended a four-year art school in my town, where I studied drawing, painting, sculpture, national crafts, and fashion design. I proceeded to get a master's degree in fashion design and construction from Podillya Technological University, in Ukraine. After graduation, I worked as a designer at a few small companies and wedding salons, but teaching was my true calling. Teaching at an art school allowed me to share my love of art with others.

At 25, I immigrated to the United States, where I continue pursuing my art career and teaching. But the life of an immigrant is full of struggle. For many years, I had to work hard and study at the same time and developed physical disabilities that lead me to a long lasting depression. Art helped me see the light at the end of the tunnel. It practically saved me. When I felt the worst I painted, and it got me through hard times. Through my paintings, I wanted to show the bright side of our existence. I realized that it doesn't matter how hard life gets, happiness is always around the corner, we just have to look for it.

My Ukrainian identity influences my art. I love to paint flowers, nature, and Ukrainian costumes. Acrylic is my favorite medium, because it allows me to play with colors and dries fast. When I paint, I try to challenge myself by using different techniques and experiment with colors, mediums and composition, and I pay a lot of attention to details. I truly enjoy the element of surprise when I paint. I am never 100% sure how the painting will look, until I finish it. I have created almost 100 paintings during the COVID-19 pandemic. I also apply my artistic skills to my house decor. I really enjoyed painting on glass and have painted dozens of vases and wine glasses. Also, I have created a seasonal collection of decorative door wreaths for my home.

Art is an amazing thing, and it is the best form of meditation. The magic of art makes people happier and kinder. I hope my art brings people joy and helps make the world a better place.